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Album Spotlight: Skinshape by Skinshape

This very well may be my favorite album from the past year, it certainly has been spun the most. With this LP you get a focus on quality over quantity with seven tracks to soothe you, seven tracks to hypnotize you, seven tight tracks to melt away your day. The arrangements are not bombastic or overbearing, they stand up straight and take care of business in a confident manner that arrests your attention. Rhythms slink into the mix right on queue, seemingly while holding a cocktail. It’s a fuzzy, psychedelic trip that you should really treat yourself with. Sunday Morning is the stand out track for me though. With a progressive hook, and sultry vocals that really compliment the entire atmosphere not only of the track, but the album as a whole. I seriously cannot recommend this album enough, but don’t take my word for it, give a listen below without having to leave the page.

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Album Spotlight- Heartless Bastards: Restless Ones

One of my favorite bands from the past few years has released their latest album, and it does not disappoint. It hits all the right notes for a summer album too. The highlight for me would have to be In The Light, I wouldn’t say its the best one on the album, but it’s my favorite. It immediately evokes a kind of Nilsson-esque sense of playfulness using a piano riff that sounds straight out of the Popeye soundtrack. Give it a listen below, and if you enjoy it, give the band some love and pickup the album, it’s well worth the money and time listening. You will spin it again, or press play, or leave it in the CD player, however you consume it, you will be back for more.

So You Want a Mix – 8/15/2010

Here is another choice mix from about five years back. There were some obvious influences from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, along with some other electronic ticks that were really beginning to embed themselves in my psyche.

Nervous Breakdown should probably come out, it follows Leave It by Wax Tailor pretty well, but for some reason has always stood out like a sore thumb on this mix to me, but hey it is what it is. Still love hearing I Know Little Cuban, such a great track, as well as the Dustin N’ Guyen Nightcall remix, it’s pacing felt better than some of the other Nightcall remixes at the time.

General Mix #10 12-11-2007

General Mix #10 is one of my personal favorite mixes from over the years, and serves as a turning point for me in mix composition. Instead of just throwing in as many songs as I could, I started to care about the flow of the mix, the mood and feelings each one evoked, and tried to create a complimentary experience. It’s not perfect, but it was a BIG step in the right direction for me.

There are too many tracks in there for it’s own good, and the flow kind of breaks down by the end, however there still isn’t a track I’d take out at this point. Going from Grew Up Fast to Cinnamon Girl is still one of my favorite pairings, same for Something Went Wrong to The Beehive State. #10 also showcases were my my musical tastes started to branch out to more international and more sub-culture bands.

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