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Band Spotlight!- The Good The Bad

"We don't have a singer because we couldn't find one that would stand behind the drummer. But we don't need a vocalist anyway. The music speaks for itself. We use the music so we don't have to say I Love... Continue Reading →


Interview: Jason Cox (Xoc)

I've been a Xoc fan ever since SMW (Super Mario World). That album rocked my world like the Tunguska blast, and my musical tastes haven't quite been the same since. Seriously, as far as major musical influences go, Xoc is... Continue Reading →

Mix Time- 5-9-15: So Soon

So Soon came about during a long weekend not long after finishing my first mix in a few months, just suddenly was listening to too many new albums to not work on a new one. Believe it or not, I really... Continue Reading →

Album Spotlight: Jungle Cruise by Night Jungle

I had started a write up of one of my favorite hidden gems from a few years back, only to discover, it's not fair if you can't hear it for yourself, and apparently, this particular one just isn't available digitally... Continue Reading →

Album Spotlight: The Giraffes- We Hear Music

The Giraffes is a solo project from Chris Ballew of Presidents of the United States of America fame. Blinking into existence in 1998 with 13 Other Dimensions, followed by The Days are Filled with Years, which, I honestly didn't know... Continue Reading →

Album Spotlight: Skinshape by Skinshape

This very well may be my favorite album from the past year, it certainly has been spun the most. With this LP you get a focus on quality over quantity with seven tracks to soothe you, seven tracks to hypnotize... Continue Reading →

Album Spotlight- Heartless Bastards: Restless Ones

One of my favorite bands from the past few years has released their latest album, and it does not disappoint. It hits all the right notes for a summer album too. The highlight for me would have to be In... Continue Reading →

So You Want a Mix – 8/15/2010

Here is another choice mix from about five years back. There were some obvious influences from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, along with some other electronic ticks that were really beginning to embed themselves in my psyche. Nervous Breakdown should probably... Continue Reading →

General Mix #10 12-11-2007

General Mix #10 is one of my personal favorite mixes from over the years, and serves as a turning point for me in mix composition. Instead of just throwing in as many songs as I could, I started to care... Continue Reading →

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