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Interview-Jason Koohi (Zanrai)

While retro style games have come back into popularity, few developers are really evolving the art style alongside the game play. One independent developer, Zanrai, has been honing their talents on both fronts for the past few years, and their... Continue Reading →

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J Smooth

J Smooth by Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks is the hero we need on this Thursday...

Artist Spotlight!- The Theater Fire

  Few bands instantly clicked with me the way The Theater Fire did. Many moons ago two friends and myself went to see a Blue Mountain reunion show at the Granada (the bottom is a recording from that night actually).... Continue Reading →

MIX TIME! 9-7-15 Sociable

Forgot to post this one here a little while back. It's a fun and mostly relaxing mix as the seasons started to change into something a little more comfortable. One of my favorite filler tracks shows up, Emir's Dream. Tried not... Continue Reading →

Random Cuts!- 091

As I continue what seems like a life long journey to organize my music folder, there are inevitably folders that I just don't remember obtaining. In an effort to more easily get posts on here, as I continue organizing I'll... Continue Reading →

Album Spotlight- JUNK PLANET – by Dutchmassive

Raised on radio country as a kid, certain kinds of music just didn't register with me. Rap, hip-hop, and metal would be lost to me until I was about 20. As such, I didn't participate in the golden age of... Continue Reading →

Band Spotlight!- The Good The Bad

"We don't have a singer because we couldn't find one that would stand behind the drummer. But we don't need a vocalist anyway. The music speaks for itself. We use the music so we don't have to say I Love... Continue Reading →

Interview: Jason Cox (Xoc)

I've been a Xoc fan ever since SMW (Super Mario World). That album rocked my world like the Tunguska blast, and my musical tastes haven't quite been the same since. Seriously, as far as major musical influences go, Xoc is... Continue Reading →

Mix Time- 5-9-15: So Soon

So Soon came about during a long weekend not long after finishing my first mix in a few months, just suddenly was listening to too many new albums to not work on a new one. Believe it or not, I really... Continue Reading →

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