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Interview- Matthew Grimm

Last summer I was lucky enough to start what became a long form exchange with one of my favorite musicians, Matthew Grimm (Hangdogs, and with The Red Smear, @grimmreality). For years he has been a fresh, articulate punk voice.  Due to personal reasons however,... Continue Reading →

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Interview-Jason Koohi (Zanrai)

While retro style games have come back into popularity, few developers are really evolving the art style alongside the game play. One independent developer, Zanrai, has been honing their talents on both fronts for the past few years, and their... Continue Reading →

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Interview: Jason Cox (Xoc)

I've been a Xoc fan ever since SMW (Super Mario World). That album rocked my world like the Tunguska blast, and my musical tastes haven't quite been the same since. Seriously, as far as major musical influences go, Xoc is... Continue Reading →

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