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Kill the Past?

So, a strange thing happened over the past week. I’ve come to realize, that the catalogue from Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda 51 over the years is more interconnected then I EVER realized. What’s that you say? The game series famous... Continue Reading →

The Tomorrow Stranding

It struck me about 3 hours into Death Stranding (or roughly 5 minutes of game-play and 2 cut-scenes), that it felt very...familiar. The game's awkward manifest destiny, that rested completely in the hands of every day workers. As the protagonist... Continue Reading →

Interview-Jason Koohi (Zanrai)

While retro style games have come back into popularity, few developers are really evolving the art style alongside the game play. One independent developer, Zanrai, has been honing their talents on both fronts for the past few years, and their... Continue Reading →

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The Tomorrow Children

"Playing online would be great, if it weren't for all the other players online." That has often been my thoughts regarding any and all online multiplayer games since you had to call your opponent to sync your baud rates. That... Continue Reading →

Life with a Switch

New consoles are always an exciting, and frustrating time for gamers. The excitement of a new piece of hardware, and gaming experiences, mixed with the uncertainty, and debt. Almost every big console launch has had a comparatively small assortment of... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Switch says Hello

So a few months back I shared a few thoughts on what I hoped Nintendo might be planning with the still code named NX. Well, the curtain has been pulled back to reveal the Nintendo Switch, which fits most of... Continue Reading →

Nintendo NX- A few thoughts..

So, at some point this year Nintendo is supposed to not only unveil, but release their next platform, currently called, NX. There is a lot of speculation that it will either be a hybrid console/portable or have some sort of... Continue Reading →

Interview: Jason Cox (Xoc)

I've been a Xoc fan ever since SMW (Super Mario World). That album rocked my world like the Tunguska blast, and my musical tastes haven't quite been the same since. Seriously, as far as major musical influences go, Xoc is... Continue Reading →

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