So, a strange thing happened over the past week. I’ve come to realize, that the catalogue from Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda 51 over the years is more interconnected then I EVER realized. What’s that you say? The game series famous for not-light sabers and a “rude” gesture actually has more going on under the hood? Well yes, turns out, there is a whole Lynch-ian forest of interconnected themes, archetypes, and messages.

Turns out, most of Suda’s early work was extremely story centric, and those titles lend themselves to the theme of Kill the Past. Being more familiar with their work post No More Heroes, I always equated their games to slightly awkward action gameplay with a decent story, filled with amusing characters.

It’s quite the feeling to suddenly realize that not only do some of your favorite games have new layers of meaning to unravel, but that there a small list of back catalogue games, that are actually available, to go through that not only stand on their own merits, but contribute to the later works.

With the spring release window decongestant over the last few weeks, its a welcome thing to have some classics to dig through finally and enjoy. Like finding a long lost season of Twin Peaks 🙂

So, on to The Silver Case.