As I continue what seems like a life long journey to organize my music folder, there are inevitably folders that I just don’t remember obtaining. In an effort to more easily get posts on here, as I continue organizing I’ll post a few thoughts on some random bands found during the search.

Today though, we have 091, a 5-man Spanish rock band from Granada. They apparently were kicking around from 1982 to 1996, and managed to publish 7 studio albums (thank you Apparently two of their albums made there way into the Music folder, Tormentas Imaginarias (1993) and El Baile De La Desesperacion. Being a non-Spanish speaker, my thoughts will be limited almost solely to the sound itself.

Tormentas Imaginarias starts off with La Calle Del Viento, which seems to be the track of theirs that caught my attention the most. It, along with the rest of the album has a decidedly early 90s feel. All in all it’s still a pretty fun little track with good energy, however like a lot of stuff from then, it runs on a bit longer than it really needs to.

Wasn’t finding the album version of this one, but did dig up this live version, which is pretty close to the recorded cut. Cayendo is a pretty lean track, with a great hook, and it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. This track could easily have found it’s way onto road trip mix-tapes back in the day.

The title track, Tormentas Imaginarias, has a bit better flow than some of the others on the album, with better harmonies, and a more subdued overall feel. The main hook continues to drive the song, and despite it almost clocking in at 4 minutes, it never really seems to spend too long in one spot and makes for a pretty good listen.

If you like what you heard, check out some of 091’s other stuff on YouTube, there are a lot of live recordings. Otherwise purchase an album or two and show a band no longer together some love.