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August 2015

Artist Spotlight! – Joe Strummer

Yesterday (August 21st) marked the birthday of one of the most influential people in my life, John Graham Mellor, better known as Joe Strummer. The vast majority of the music public know him only has one of the founding fathers... Continue Reading →


Band Spotlight!- The Good The Bad

"We don't have a singer because we couldn't find one that would stand behind the drummer. But we don't need a vocalist anyway. The music speaks for itself. We use the music so we don't have to say I Love... Continue Reading →

Playlist!- King’s Quest (2015)

Quick update here, among other things, I'm currently playing, and loving, the new King's Quest game. I've captured a few of my favorite little moments so far and am housing them here in the playlist below. I'll write something up... Continue Reading →

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