So Soon came about during a long weekend not long after finishing my first mix in a few months, just suddenly was listening to too many new albums to not work on a new one. Believe it or not, I really hadn’t listened to any Black Keys or White Stripes and the sort, so I finally broke down and started going through some of those albums at this point. I also found Toast of London, and being a big Matt Berry fan, quickly fell in love. Archie Powell and known vaguely about for years, but never actually stopped to listen, and wound up enjoying a lot of what I came across, Tattoo on my Brain is particularly fun. Carpenter Brut had been in and out of rotation for a bit, but only now did I actually sit down and go through the three main albums. Disco Zombi Italia is just too much fun, it’s hard to listen to it without sunglasses.

O Sapo seemed liked a good way to wind down from the neon lights of Disco Zombi, with that kind of Lo-Fi Katamari sound, its just fun. Apparition is off of the latest Stealing Sheep album, which is fantastic, and fit in perfect with this slower part of the mix, those claps during the choruses get stuck in my head WAY too easy. El Huervo is another band from the always amazing Hotline Miami soundtrack, and Hunger is off of their latest release, which also is highly recommended. This particular track sounds spookily close to some of the music for Nom Nom Galaxy, which is a good thing, here it really settles the mix into a low gear. Adolescence hits the gas a little bit, making a bit more noise and keeping things moving forward with a smile, though 9 Bit Blues slows it right back down to a crawl. Hey, it’s the summer time, I’m almost obligated to use some blues this time of year, this one being instrumental and fairly short, worked perfect as the last of the slower tracks, from here on things keep moving.

Dutchy, man I love his stuff, This Could Be Us is off of a collaborative album, and it takes that low point from 9 Bit Blues, then puts a suit and tie on it, dusts off the shoulders, and gets it moving down the road. Such a relaxing smooth beat, love it. Now that our feet are moving, we keep them moving, Quantic with Mi Swing es Tropical ensures that the juices are flowing and that you have a smile on your face, again, this track is just too much fun. Which translates well to Into The Light with a very Harry Nilsson-like piano heavy rhythm, this is off of the Heartless Bastards latest Restless Ones, which I’ve already praised somewhere else on here. Bignic takes the reigns from here and waltzes us right out the fucking door with Thump, a bumpin’ electronic piece from the Zombies (Corporate Lifestyle Simulator) Soundtrack. Dead Meadow was also new to me, and holy shit did I fall in love. It’s another low key song, to mellow out a bit after the electronic adventure of Thump, but it has a lot more momentum, and keeps us on schedule towards the end of the mix.

The Baddest didn’t have to be here, but these mixes are as much about what is going on at that time for me, and what I’m stuck on, and I had been on a Prince Buster kick for a few weeks. It’s fun, simple, and doesn’t detract much from the mood that Dead Meadow left us with, its a bit odd, but oh well. Hold Me by The Greenhornes, ok, now we are back on track and I’ll be honest, this one made it on primarily because the keyboard in the background reminded me WAY too much of a very familiar tune from Persona 4 :), plus, I mean its a good tune and sets up our last track just fine. Las Pesadillas are a crazy band I had just dug into thanks to Jason Cox (XOC), and we got along just fine right from the start. Seven Shades of Winter carries a great sense of finality to it for this particular mix. It evokes a late night in a bit of a dive bar, just perfectly low-key in all the right ways. And that is So Soon, a fun little summer mix for your auditory needs.