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June 2015

Four of Swords Adventures

(for giggles post inspired by  originally written 4/20/14) The story of the Four of Swords bears a striking similarity to The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures. You might not be expecting that level of introspection from this classic Zelda game,... Continue Reading →


So You Want a Mix – 8/15/2010

Here is another choice mix from about five years back. There were some obvious influences from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, along with some other electronic ticks that were really beginning to embed themselves in my psyche. Nervous Breakdown should probably... Continue Reading →

General Mix #10 12-11-2007

General Mix #10 is one of my personal favorite mixes from over the years, and serves as a turning point for me in mix composition. Instead of just throwing in as many songs as I could, I started to care... Continue Reading →

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